Travel to the Best Places in the World for Stargazing

After my confession about how bad I am at naming constellations, I decided to do some digging into where you can go for the world’s best stargazing. I think part of my problem is that I live in an urban area, and I can’t see much due to light pollution. Plus if you travel far enough, you will get to see some stars and constellations that aren’t visible in your part of the world!

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The Top 6 Places for Stargazing in the World

Travellers love the extraordinary nature of viewing stars from magnificent places. In fact, travel-savvy people usually fall in love with fantastic stargazing regions. The world all over has beautiful places to view the stars from, in typical public areas about 500 stars can be viewed in the sky. However, there are astronomy-friendly regions where one can view over 10,000 stars! The 6 regions outline below have amazing stargazing places.


With the Trout Point Lodge in Nova Scotia and Jasper National Park in Alberta, Canada is surely among the best places to visit. The Trout Point Lodge is a certified hotel that has positive reviews. The New York Times describes it as “Worth a visit no matter what the season.” The Time Magazine writes, “Attention astronomers, contemplators; the best places for spots for stargazing in the universe.” Indeed, these reviews are not in vain.

Jasper National Park in Alberta gives terrific views of the sky at night. Walking through the park itself is a memorable experience: winding roads making their ways through the spruce forest to the Rockies.


Visiting the summit of Mauna Kea in Hawaii can cause health issues, I’ve been myself and the elevation at the summit made it difficult for me to breathe if I moved around too much. Mauna Kea is among the few regions in the world where one can drive from sea level to 14,000 feet above sea level within 2 hours. The drastic weather and air pressure changes that occur during the travel are responsible for dizziness and respiratory issues. They recommend that nobody who is pregnant, in poor health, or under the age of 16 go beyond the visitors center. However, the summit also has some of the most breathtaking sunsets you will ever see.

The visitors center halfway up the mountain is much easier to access and guests receive free lectures and telescopes on specific nights when the West Hawaii Astronomy Club is there. There is some truly spectacular stargazing with the aid of telescopes, I was able to make out Saturn and its rings!

New Zealand

The Mackenzie Basin of New Zealand is the home of the enormous Aoraki Mackenzie International Dark Sky Reserve. When you visit the site, you will not doubt why many astronomers camp in the region. The site offers fantastic night views of the sky, with visibility of Milky Way Galaxies Satellite.


The Namib Desert of Namibia boasts of one of the best tourist destination sites in the world. Notably, the NamibRand Nature Reserve is a frequent visit site. The closest village from the reserve is 60 miles. Visitors are usually led through the beautiful dune exploration. However, for star gazing fans, the big attraction is the camping complex. The complex provides not only clear stargazing but also a superb view of the Desert Mountains.


The Canary Islands of Morocco has one of the best stargazing experience. In Particular, the biggest Canary island (Tenerife), is one of the most amazing destinations. What is more, the region’s authority canceled flights flying above the Tenerife skies to preserve an undistracted clear view of the night sky. Besides, the place has a variety of festivities that have been attended by space celebrities like Neil Armstrong.


Deserts are arguably the best sites for clear and fantastic sky views, and the Chilean Atacama Desert is among the best locations. Despite having observatory equipment, the place has sufficient hotel features. The site gives personalized and memorable stargazing experiences.

There are other places with good star viewing like Pic Du Midi of France and Cherry Springs State Park of Pennsylvania. But the above sites in six different countries are excellent places to visit for the most exceptional stargazing experiences.