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Welcome to the New Universe! Here we wanted to create something truly unique and amazing for lovers of science and the imagination. We have created a cool and interactive website where fans of all kinds of amazing and inspiring things can come together and share them.

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My Terrible Space Confession…


This is one of the many constellations that I’d like to easily identify in the sky.

I love outer space. I would read every space-based science fiction book out there. I dreamed of being an astronaut as a child, of one day moving to a city on the Moon, or Mars, or in orbit around the Earth. Everything about outer space amazes me. Except I have one glaring weakness:
I don’t know the constellations.
I look up at the sky and, like most people, am blown away by the vastness of the universe. But if you ask me about the constellations, I can’t tell you anything.
Sure, I can identify the Big Dipper. And Orion’s belt, because it’s three starts in a line. But if you ask me to identify Gemini, Taurus, Aries, or anything else in the sky, I curl up into a ball.
It’s one of those things that have always bothered me. The stars don’t look anything like the images that they are supposed to represent, so I never bothered learning them. But years later I regret that decision. That’s why I’m going to take a course in astronomy.
I like online courses (community colleges at night scare me) so I’ve decided to enroll in an udemy course that teaches you astronomy for beginners. I used a coupon website so it only costs me $10.
Update: Since people have been requesting which site I used, I’m including a link here:

I’m looking forward to brushing up on the things I already know, as well as finally going over the constellations and learning them properly.

Do You Know the Constellations Off By Heart?

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There’s an amazing scene in an episode of Star Trek (the original series) where McCoy wakes up on a strange city (he’d been injected with a drug that made him temporarily deranged) and he looked up at the stars and said: “Well, this is Earth, the stars are right, but the clothing is all wrong” (McCoy had traveled back to the 1930’s). Anyway, my point is that I’d like to have that skill, where I can look up at the stars and know what direction I am going.

That would be pretty handy, right?
By the way, this is the course I’m taking:

What’s The Most Inspiring Idea You’ve Ever Heard?

vastness of space

One night when I was 18 years old I was at a lake with some friends taking a night-time dip. We were there for the phosphorescence: little particles that light up at night from friction.

While the phosphorescence wasn’t nearly as visually striking as the movies made it out to be, a friend of mine looked up to the stars and told me about a little theory. He said:

“If the universe is infinite, then there are infinite variations of our world throughout the galaxy. What this means is: anything you can imagine: it already exists in the universe”.

It was a really cool idea. I already knew from Stephen Hawking’s theories that the Universe, while so vast that we can barely comprehend it, isn’t infinite. That’s an older theory from the days of Einstein.

But it did make me think: even without the infinity factor, are there other worlds where we evolved in exactly the same manner, and in these worlds, are there different versions of us? Perhaps there’s a version of you that asked one girl out on a date instead of another, and ended up married to a different person. Or you took a different job, studied a different degree?

In the incalculable vastness of space, we can’t truly rule anything out yet. Discovering these kinds of secrets of the universe will take vast amounts of time.

Here’s my take on the whole issue, using my very limited brain and limited knowledge:

I think that life, evolutionary processes and more actually have bottleneck moments, where life can evolve in one particular way. When we look for lifeforms that aren’t carbon-based, for example, we run into a problem: our body is an assortment of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen (stay with me, here,), and those elements stick together in ways that allow for life to form because of how they chemically bond with each other.

Now, the periodic table only has so many elements in it. Can there be a lead-based lifeform? The elements that combine with lead are limited.

Although, this is my first-year university Biology-educated mind speaking, and I truly am completely open to my mind being changed.

Going back to another galaxy with a version of me that asked another girl out and had a completely different life as a result, well, he could exist. And if I visited this world, I would find the genetic clone of myself, sitting with another girl, perfectly content and not realizing the vast galaxies I had traveled to witness this. He wouldn’t know me. Would you recognize yourself if he or she walked by?

Maybe I would tip my hat to him. Maybe I would tell him he should’ve asked out the other girl. And in the vastness of space maybe, just maybe, there’s room for both destinies to play themselves out.